Delivery and Refund Policy

When you are operating a particular business, satisfying or exceeding the expectations of the customers is very important. No company or business will be able to thrive or make profit if it cannot gratify the preferences and needs of its customers. There would be lots of cases when consumers might return an item back due to various reasons. There is where professional customer satisfaction policy comes into play.

You must always respect and accept the decision of your consumer and make sure that the product that he/she wants to return is adequately catered to. This will help you to develop goodwill and trust among your customers in the long run. It is essential that you incorporate a fast and developed refund policy. If you are not satisfied with our delivered item, you need to tell us immediately so that we can work on your item instantly. You can easily inform us through mail and phone.

However, for the product to be returned successfully, it should be in unused and undamaged condition. If the item has been damaged or stolen, you cannot give the product back to us. The item should be totally in saleable and undamaged condition for us to accept. As soon as we receive the product back, we will make the refund as soon as possible.